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About Us:

World sees waste, we see opportunity!

The growing problem of environmental pollution and utilization of plastics and rubber waste in industrial and consumer applications, combined with ever increasing demand of fuel and energy, have led to an critical need for solution where the waste can be converted into productive energy. One of the fastest growing types of industries is recycling as it not only saves the environment but also provides alternative source of energy without affecting the natural resources, B. S. Hydrocarbons Private Limited will capitalize on the opportunities and proposes to produce fuel oil which is a key industrial fuel from the waste rubber.

This is a unique technology developed by our key team members and can change the energy market scenarios in a big way. The company intends to provide industrial consultancy for various captive users of fuel oil and power generation.


Setting new standards of excellence in recycling technologies B. S. Hydrocarbons Private Limited is promoted by recycling, consulting and marketing professionals collectively having 85 years of practical business experience put together for manufacturing renewable energy from the wastes. Our professionals have worked in different countries and diverse cultures as a result they posses a combination of varied skills, are highly experienced in process technology, optimization of industrial processes, construction of industrial facilities, business development, sales and project management.

Our Aim:

B. S. Hydrocarbons Private Limited aims to protect and conserve the natural and built environment and to promote its appreciation for the benefit of present and future generations.

The Technology:

B. S. Hydrocarbons Private Limited's proprietary technical process of cracking the rubber tyres is remarkably superior to satisfy the growing demand for fuel and energy. It mainly involves in recovering the hydrocarbons and other components present in the tyres using a proprietary catalyst under controlled temperature and pressure.